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Aug 25th, 2016 : Welcome the new members to AC COB family


This week,Evercore AC COB series welcomes its 2 new members for outdoor lighting.

High power 30W and 50W design,suitable for the street lights and flood lights.Same hole distance with traditional COBs,easy for replacement.No extra power supply,more simpler for the housing design and faster to assemble.

Of course the most attractive part is the excellent performance.New AC COB for outdoor lights is high lighting efficiency >120lm/W at Ra>70,also lower strobe.Wide voltage range from 180V to 300V,protect the COBs effectively.Power factor is above 93%,and THD is less than 0.71%.High voltage resistant is AC 1.5KV and DC 2KV.25,000H working life warranty ensures that the wonderful quality of Evercore's new AC COB for outdoor lighting.

We expect that our new AC COB series will bring you more options.
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