Evercore COB using tips

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1. Heat Dissipation:

Aluminum fins or copper fins;
For 1W white LED, we suggest total effect heat radiation areas ≥50-60 square cm;
For 3W LED, we suggest total effect heat radiation areas≥150 square cm. The heat   radiation areas shall be increased if with more power, to guarantee the fins temp< 60℃.

2. Connection

Suggest to coat an even layer of heat-conductive glue between the baseplate and fins(glue conductive factor ≥3.0W/m.k), then fix by screws.

3. Anti-Static Measures

Anti-static floor with grounding;
Anti-static working desktop, machines with good grounding;
Operator shall wear anti-static rings or glove and wear anti-static gown;
To use Ion blow fan and the welding electric iron shall be well grounded;
To use anti-static materials.

4. Welding

①. We suggest to use iron with constant temperature, the welding temp shall be< 260℃, the contact duration for iron with the LED welding part shall be <3 seconds. (The iron must be grounded when welding and the operator shall were anti-static ring or use the ion blow fan);
②. Please rubber the surface of welding plate for long-time stored products for better welding.
③. Don’t press the lighting surface during welding.
④. Tear up the protection film before using.

5. Drive

Refer to the back of COB.(As below)We suggest using constant current drive or IC instead of constant voltage drive or IC.


6. Storage Condition

Temp. between 5~30℃, humidity<60% dry environment. Please use up within 30 days after tear up the packaging to avoid oxidation of welding plate.

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