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1. PCB



Evercore COBs are with mirror aluminum PCB, which has better performance in reflectivity and lighting efficiency. Elimination of silver element in this PCB effectively avoids the PCB to turn black.
Silver plated PCB is doomed to be oxidized by sulfur in the air and after using for a period, the COBs will get black and the lighting efficiency fall badly, eventually leading to dead COBs.

2. Chips


Evercore uses international branded chips to produce COBs, the quality is assured.

3. Welding wire


Evercore COBs are made with 99.99% purity gold wire, which means better conductivity, higher reliability, smaller failure rate, higher stability, against oxidation.
The price of alloy wire is only 20% of that of gold wire. Elements in the alloy will be oxidized by air and the COB performance is very unstable, higher failure risks.

4. Silica Gel


Evercore COBs are made with internationally-branded silica gel, higher quality with warranty for 10 more years working life. Good tightness with the PCB, better resistance to high temperature and insulation, providing better protection for the LED chips.
Inferior silica gel is with poor heat resistance performance and bad stickiness with PCB, which means the silica gel is easily out of shape, broken and separated from PCB.

5. Phosphor


Evercore COBs are made with imported high quality phosphor. Even particle size and good distribution lead to better diffusivity, easy to control chromatic aberration and adjust color temperature. Non-toxic, harmless to human.
Uneven particle size and bad distribution. Bad diffusivity leads to color aberration  in the same batch COBs.

6. Ghost Image

7. High CRI(Color Rendering Index)



Evercore COBs are high CRI(Ra>95),similar to the spectrum of the sunlight,better restore the true color of the objects.
Low CRI(Ra<80),the color of objects are pale and sombre.

8. Chromatic a
berration less than 4 SDCM


Evercore COBs are in the same bin, keeping high consistency from batch to batch.

 9.Evercore COBs Color Temperature Range

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