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Aug 5th , 2016 : Evercore expands product capability!


Following the busness of philosophy of providing high quality products to our clients, Evercore is pursuing quality all the time. Everocre's COB modules are well welcome and recognized by our customers, especially to those who cares much more about the quality.

Evercore commercial lighting H13 & H19 COB series are high CRI above 95. They're widely used for downlights and tracklights,especially for high end clothing lighting, rosewood furniture lighting and jewelry lighting, higher color reproduction ability, also higher cost-effective.

Recently, these two series are the hot seller. To better serve our clients,responding more quickly, we Evercore have finished the 2nd phase expanding in the early July.
LED COB Modules

Evercore is specialized in manufacturing high quality LED COB modules, providing  quality LED lighting source (LED COB module) and total accessory solutions to lighting fixture manufacturers.
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