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Nov. 4th, 2016 : New LM-80 passed Products!


3 years ago,Evercore became the leading manufacturer who have passed LM-80 at the beginning.

We submitted some models for the testing in the early 2016,and 9 months later,they've all passed the LM-80 test!

1.All the commercial lighting COBs under 50W are certificated by LM-80.
led cob

2.Outdoor lighting COBs 20W-100W are qualified by LM-80,and you do not need to worry about the working life.
cob led

3.New AC COBs from 7W-30W at 230V also listed in LM-80.
cob led
Just order these high quality Evercore COBs!

Evercore is specialized in manufacturing high quality LED COB modules, providing  quality LED lighting source (LED COB module) and total accessory solutions to lighting fixture manufacturers.
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