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December 8th, 2015: Experiments show that Evercore LED COB module is healthy light source


Medical experiment on LED light’s effect to retina:
1.Experimental Scheme:
 The experimental design 4 kinds of LED light illumination light distribution scheme, respectively, high CRI LED, normal white LED, red LED, green LED, and set continuous wave light source as the experiment group and the control group (natural light). The illumination and optical power of each group were measured under the rated power of LED. (Refer to the following chart.)

2.Experimental Result:
 In each group, the thickness of retina, the thickness of the inner layer and the thickness of outer layer were analyzed. The normal white LED, red LED, green LED and the control group were significantly different, and there was no significant difference between high CRI LED and control group. (Refer to the following chart.)
3.Experimental conclusion:
 High CRI LED has the lowest retinal damage, while normal white LED , red LED, green LED will cause different degrees of light damage to the retina.
(The experimental data excerpt from research results of ophthalmology Professor authority of Sun Yat-sen University. )

The experimental results show that the High CRI LED is healthy lighting, and High Color Rendering Index is one of the most outstanding characteristics of Evercore LED COB modules. CRI>80 is the standard and we also offer a CRI>90 option to our clients. High CRI means better restore the true color of the objects and technically decreases the blue light harm and creates a more comfortable lighting environment for the clients. This concept of healthy lighting is fully reflected in Evercore LED COB modules and we believe more and more clients are getting to know and recognize the benefits of our high quality modules.  

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