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Evercore Annual Party


Evercore hold an annual party in Feb 2nd, 2018.

All departments are actively preparing for the party and there are many show Everyone in Evercore gathered together to share the our ceremony and of cause there are many shows are wonderful at annual party stage. 

At the beginning of the annual party ,Mr Raymond, CEO of Evercore, deliver a speech on the ceremony.

Thanks for all the effort each one of us in Evercore in 2017,and hope for a better future in the upcoming 2018.Evercore has obtained sales growth performance .And we also fully upgraded full spectrum series products (RI> 98), We focus and provider the high quality COB for our client in the industry. 

We have belief, confidence, we are committed and we are determined to continue play as a role in a leading LED COB manufacturer in China. We will continue to focus on high CRI COB (80/90/95) and high lumens COB for commercial lighting and outdoor lighting . 

Do not forget the beginning, continue to move forward . 

Evercore, Tomorrow will have an even better!

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