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Evercore CCT Tunable COB Gen7


With the development of intelligent lighting market, the application demand of CCT

TUNABLE COB products is no longer limited to the basic functions of dimming and CCT tuning. More efficient and quality lighting effects are more concerned by the manufacturers and users of domestic lighting, hotel lighting and more commercial space lighting.

The traditional CCT Tunable COBs are criticized for their low efficiency, poor lighting effect and color consistency. Now, EVERCORE has tackled down this by launching its Gen7 CCT Tunable COB products,  breaking through the impression with technology, to redefine dual-color lighting visual experience!

Light performance (≥140lm/W)

Adopting more advanced mirror aluminum substrate material to achieve higher reflectivity and  thermal conductivity ,  the luminous efficiency of Gen7  increases by 20%  compared to the Gen6 products, the highest efficiency and the overwhelming one  in the market.

CCT tunable range 2700K-6000K,  the light and color effects are  in line with the human eyes preference.

Lighting effect

Adopting the latest chip-scale phosphor coating technology and special designed layout of the chips , with more precise manufacturing process and scientific  dimming technology to ensure that the lighting effect  is more gradual and uniform, efficiently enhancing the focus of the lighting presentation.

Color Consistency

2SDCM for this series, to ensure consistent and accurate color output and effectively improve the visual consistency. Let Color consistency is no longer limited by the difference of time, space and products.

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