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Evercore Color Changing COB Gen 2


Evercore Color changing COB  are not only welcome by Chinese customers, but also many customers in Asia and Europe countries are interested in this product. So in order to adapt to the needs of customer requirement for higher lumens of Color changing COB ,  we have added a new series from espectively, 10W to 50W.110lm/W


We Evercore is focused on the manufacturing and sales of quality COB for commercial lighting and outdoor lighting. Our standard products are all LM-80 certified, which means you can be rest assured of its reliability.

As a leading LED COB manufacturer in China, focused on high CRI COB (80/90/97) and high lumens COB for for commercial lighting and outdoor lighting(over 170lm/w).Our products are LM-80 certified. And we are  top 3 COB manufacturer in China: Production capability of 4,000,000pcs monthly .For  smart light system ,CCT tunable COB is your best choice They can be adjusted CCT from 2700K to 6000K , and CCT tunabl and Dim to warm COB  a great solution for smart light . Please refer to attached brief introduction of these two series COB .


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