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Evercore ​LED COB Light and Color study Seminar in Zhongshan



On March 29th,2019,Evercore held a successful Light & Color study seminar in Guzhen Zhongshan.

This seminar has invited many industry experts and media organizations, including LED light source, light distribution device, lighting design and intelligent solution providers.We discussed topics such as "improving the consumption value of commercial places with light" and "opportunities and challenges for the development of healthy intelligent lighting"


On this seminar, we were honor to have professional  guests in lighting  field to share their opinion on the technical view and also in the aspect of commercial value of the lighting source

With the widely application of smart facility of modern home, intelligent lighting is playing an important role in lighting industry. It brings has aroused wide discussion in the  seminar.

WeEvercore as a leading company in LED COB lighting source industry we launched CCT changeable COB for two years and it caused tremendous response. CCT tunable COB  ranging from 6W to 36 W, from warm white to cold white as user desired. CCT adjustable COB is suitable for indoor lighting smart home lighting.

Morever we also  have  high efficiency HE150 Series and  X-color is also a key product series we are thrilled to display on the show. X-Color COB Series . Evervcore designed to provide lighting solution for special market with special CRI , special color temperature. X-Color COB Series is widely used in  fresh  market, restaurant, furniture lighting , jewelry shops and other special applications.


Through this seminar, we believe that the LED lighting industry will be more intelligent, healthy and humanistic.Good light and lustiness are the common characteristics of lighting practitioners. We hope that the lighting industry can achieve better development in the intelligent era and look forward to the next lighting feast.



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