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Evercore will Attend Istanbul light Expo 2018


Evercore attend Istanbul light Expo 2018 from 19th -22th September 2018.

As a professional LED COB Manufacturer and strategic Partner of BridgeLux chip in China,We treasure every opportunity to meet our valued customer.

Evercore will take this opportunity to display our CCT Tunable COB, which can change CCT from warm white to white as you desired.

Moreover, High efficiency HE150 Series will  also meet everyone on the exhibition , it has its own advantages COB nature white2700K,3000K ,4000K,5700K,6500K ANSI Standard  Ra>80/90, Lumens efficiency 140lm/W ,150lm/W, 160lm/W , 36V-38V.Compatible with traditional COB size, easy for replacement.

Last but not least, X-color is also a key product series we are thrilled to display on the show. X-Color COB Series is Evervcore designed to provide lighting solution for special market with special CRI , special color temperature. X-Color COB Series is widely used in  fresh  market, restaurant, furniture lighting , jewelry shops and other special applications.

Welcome to our booth---HALL 9 , Booth NO D-127  

Looking foward to seeing you in Turkey Istanbul light Expo 2018


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