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January 12th, 2016 : India-- a huge opportunity for Evercore

The Indian government announced yesterday that they want Indian families make more use of LED lights with energy-saving benefits, improved lighting electricity situation. The Indian government hopes before the end of 2018 can be fully replaced with LED bulbs, saving more energy. India is a country of power shortage, there are still 250million people live without electricity, the overall development of India’s future is still very impressive, but it takes time. India’s electricity energy minister Piyush Goyal believes that India is the country of about 770 million light bulbs, if all dress up as LED bulbs, it can save 1000 estimated annual energy units. (News from China LED Online)
Based on the above information, it shows that the coming years, India will be a huge market for LED industry, and for Evercore, it’s also a huge opportunity. Evercore  LED COBs have been qualified by LM-80 standard,and guarantee 25,000H working life. Also, high CRI and high lighting efficiency are our outstanding characters. Evercore LED COBs have well designed series for commercial, outdoor, residential and fresh market lighting, which are widely used for down lights, track lights, road lights, high bay lights and other lighting fixtures.

Evercore is specialized in manufacturing high quality LED COB modules, providing  quality LED lighting source (LED COB module) and total accessory solutions to lighting fixture manufacturers.
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