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June 24th, 2016 : Customers Visit Evercore's Associated


Ranked as the top COB manufacturer in China, Evercore is famous  for its high quality and high performance COBs. Because we've  been backed up with optoelectronic professors and expert  returnees. Also we're cooperating with SSL R&D center of Sun  Yat-sen University and Foshan Research Institute of Sun Yat-sen  University.

We're honored to invite our customers to visit our associated  laboratory which cooperated with Foshan Research Institute of  Sun Yat-sen University. Our customers are deep impressed by the  advanced COB LED technique and kinds of  precise equipment.

Evercore believes that technologies make the great progress.  We'll make our unremitting efforts to realize energy saving and  health comfortable lighting enviroment for human beings.

Evercore is specialized in manufacturing high quality LED COB modules, providing  quality LED lighting source (LED COB module) and total accessory solutions to lighting fixture manufacturers.


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