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LED COB Technical Training at Customer Side


Mr Raymond and our sales manager Miss Xiong has been hold a technical training at our customer side.

We have a brief introduction on our product CCT changeable COB full-spectrum COB high CRI COB series.

And we also proud to acknowledge our high lumens .High lumens HE series is high lumens>130lm/W , and high lumens   >150lm/W   at  Ra>80, CCT range from 2700K to 6500K / Widely used for  high-end commercial lighting such as fashion shop ,shopping mall ,hotel ,museum etc.

High power density COB to our customer . We analyzed the reason we can make such huge power in such small les .We use flip chip technology . High power density series Tc temperature is 96 which also can provides near-field optical design.

Best option for small Angle optical design   les 6mm for 25W    les 9mm for  50W ,This High density power series is   best choice for PAR light and track light

Our customer said that they gain a lot from technical training .

 And we are pleased to have a comprehensive knowledge can be conveyed  to our customer side . 

It’s of great important to provide suitable solution and professional advice for our customer .

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