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May 13rd, 2016: Evercore is invited to the 2nd Foshan Cross-Industry Forum

On May 11th, The 2nd Foshan Cross-Industry Forum is successfully held. The Chief of Foshan Science and Technology Bureau,Southern China Branch GM of Alibaba and representatives of Fo Shan LED lighting manufacturers are invited to attend this forum. As the leading LED COB manufacturer we Evercore attends the forum representing the LED packaging industry.

In this forum,  the Chief of the Bureau first brings up the importance of innovation and the patents in LED lighting industry . The Design Standard of Primary and Middle School Lighting is released during this forum. This standard,drafted together by Foshan Science and Technology Standard Alliance, Evercore (as the COB manufacturers), Foshan Casio Lighting Co.,Ltd. etc. clearly elaborates the requests for  CRI, intensity of illumination,UGR which are the major factors of LED healthy lighting for school classrooms. CRI ≥90 is a must. This is based on Evercore' research on the CRI effects to human eyes.  We appeal that for healthy and better lighting, the higher CRI is and full spectrum COB is the best source for LED lighting.

At the end of this forum, Southern China GM brings more information on how to do business by Internet for LED lighting industry.

Evercore is specialized in manufacturing high quality LED COB modules, providing  quality LED lighting source (LED COB module) and total accessory solutions to lighting fixture manufacturers.
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