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Shenzhen Lighting Association Annual Ceremony




Evercore took part in Shenzhen Lighting Association Annual Ceremony . We are prond to be one of the member in Shenzhen Lighting Association . And we also express our great support and wishes to all the attendants with our gift  . Our newly promoted full-spectrum desk lamp/ reading lamp. The desk lamp adopt our COB lighting source in Sunshine Series(Full-spectrum COB ) . Our Full-Spectrum COB with High CRI over 98 and high saturation and high fidelity is close to sunlight  which is very healthy to the human eyes.  The full-spectrum desk lamp no only has a great advantage on the user friendly aspect but also have a great performance at light effects, it reach to 100lm/W for final product . Full spectrum COB can be widely use in shopping mall and hotel , museum.

   As a Evercore professional LED COB Manufacturer in China we produces LED lighting sources for nearly 20 years . We Evercore still leading our industry to explore the newly advance technology on the lighting source and we are aim to delivery a great lighting experience / Environment to our life .   

Lighting enables our future !


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