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T5 Tube Lights : ZH-BLL802
Linkable LED Combined T5 Stand With Milky White Diffuser

● Garage & Workshops
● Store Rooms
● Corridors & Circulation Areas
● Cove Lighting

● Compact  and slim profile
● Combined tube and stand design
● Linkable with connector or link cable, max, load 8 units
● Available in 1ft, 2ft, 3ft and 4ft
● Uniform lumen output with high brightness
● No shadow when connecting, because of transperant end cap
● 60% energy saving comparing to equivalent flourescent T5 stand
● Build-in driver with multiple protections

● Extruding aluminum base, oxidized treatment
● Milky white polycarbonate diffuser, 92% light transmission
● Transparent polycarbonate end cap
● Metal fixing clips

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